Jugs L-Shaped Fixed-Frame Pitchers Screen (6-Feet)

Protective Screens
The Jugs 6' L Shape Fixed-Frame Screen is 6 1/2' H x 6' W with a 3' x 3' cutout. Weighing less than 35 lbs., the Jugs screen frame has 1 5/8" diameter powder-coated steel tubing and has a double-thick netting made of 240 lb. breaking-strength, Twisted Polyethylene. The Jugs weather treated, green, pillow-case-style net slides over the frame in seconds. Both the net and frame have a one year guarantee.

Forever-Tight bolt-together frame won't come loose during practice
Assembly tools included
One-year guarantee on net and frame
Green, weather treated double-thick 240-lb breaking strength, Twisted-Polyethylene Netting
3 5/8" Powder Coated Steel frame weighs less than 35 lbs.

LUKE: The Source New Testament With Extensive Notes On Greek Word Meaning

Language Studies
This is the Gospel of Luke from The Source New Testament with Extensive Notes on Greek Word Meaning. It contains abundant and detailed documentation for the meaning of hundreds of Greek words which appear in the New Testament. The Source is the only New Testament translation based on word meaning evidence from the recently discovered papyri and inscriptions. For centuries, translators had to guess the meaning of hundreds of New Testament words. After 1976, huge numbers of papyri and inscriptions were discovered containing these New Testament words in everyday documentation thus revealing their meaning. The Source is the only New Testament translation by a Classical Greek scholar (rather than theologian) and not financed or translated by a committee of a specific denomination.

Best selling author and translator Dr. A. Nyland is an ancient language scholar and lexicographer who served as Faculty at the University of New England, Australia. Dr. Nyland is also the translator of "The Complete Books of Enoch," "The Book of Jubilees," and "The Gospel of Thomas," and the author of "Angels, Archangels and Angel Categories: What the Ancients said," "Satan: Fiction not Fact. Evidence from the Bible," and "Fallen Angels, Watchers, Giants, Nephilim and Evil," among others.