PhytoVitamins Whole Food B Complex 120 Veg Capsules (Made with Organic)

Vitamin B
Wholefood B Complex: This B Whole Food Vitamin offers the ideal nutritional support for the nervous system, skin, eyes, hair and liver. It is a completely whole food formula; Most brands of supplements available today are made from synthetics. Those types of "b vitamins" are chemical compounds that have been manufactured in a laboratory to copy the molecular structure of natural vitamins. Your body is designed to absorb nutrients from food. For this reason most health experts agree that it is best to obtain your daily vitamin supplement from whole food, (real food) than from synthetic vitamin sources. Remember that this is a whole food supplement therefore has lower milligrams but a higher absorption rate than a synthetic form. It is also questionable whether or not your body should be absorbing a synthetic source. We also do not ferment our vitamins for many reasons. Most fermented foods in vitamins contain high levels of salt or vinegar to preserve it. When foods are fermented and broken down, waste by-products are produced by the bacteria which break down the food. Byproducts such as alcohol, lactic acid, ammonia and vinegar, to name a few. Even small amounts of these by-products could negatively affect the body cells. If you follow a good diet this natural source vitamin b is all the supplementation you should need.

Pure Natural Nutrition Since 1995
Certified as Made with Organic Ingredients by QAI
Raw Whole Food Formula, With Organic and Wild Crafted Ingredients
Magnesium Stearate Free, Filler Free, Additive Free, Preservative Free
Safe and Effective, Non-Chemical Formula, Vegetarian, Non-Irradiated and Additive Free

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